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Reducing the risk

Everyone likes the idea of making more money from their boats, but of course any time you're speaking about being on the water, there is an element of risk. This page provides advice about how to reduce this risk and get the most out of your experience with

Skipper the boat yourself or via a trusted skipper

If you don't feel comfortable letting a stranger take your boat out - we highly recommend that either you skipper it yourself, or have a trusted skipper who knows the boat and area skipper it for you. This dramatically reduces the risk of the boat disappearing or "getting trashed". While there are many many successful bareboat charters - people are generally trustworthy - only you can make the decision if you want to have that kind of risk.

Get to know your customers

MyDayBoat thrives on social interaction, and encourages you to get to know the customer prior to the charter. Just as they will have questions for you (is your boat insured? Do you have a license?) you are encouraged to get to know about the group you will have on your boat. Feel free to ask what type of group it will be, if they will be bringing alcohol, and what they want to gain from the day. If you don't feel comfortable with your answers, don't approve the charter.

Make sure you have proper insurance

All boats that are in the water should be insured. You have an obligation as a renter on MyDayBoat to carry proper insurance, and the clients have the right to ask to see it. if you are not sure about your coverage, call your agent - you may need to get a rider on it if you'll be renting your boat out.

Some insurance companies:
Charter Lakes

* or our parent company is not responsible for loss or damage to the boat or any liabilities incurred during the charter. You must agree to abide by all maritime laws. These transactions may be subject to tax - we suggest you work with your tax advisor to understand the taxation of charter income. We do not provide tax forms or withholding. Complete supplier terms are available here. You may also want to read our Owner's FAQ.

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