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Booking a Boat - How It Works

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The booking process works in the following manner:
  • You provide your credit card details on our secure server, which we pre - authorize for the total amount of the charter plus the security deposit. No money leaves your account at this time.
  • The owner will be notified that a tentative sale has been made. They will have 24 hours to confirm the sale.
  • Once the owner has confirmed the sale, the amount of the charter (not including the security deposit) will be debited from your credit card.

Boat Information

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Trip Details and Prices

Charter Date 18-06-2012  Change date
Boat Rental Price Please select a pricing option
$800.00 per Half Day
$1600.00 per Day
Extras and Security Deposit  
Hostess/Mate $ 200.00
Box Lunch for 6 $ 180.00
Beer (24 Pack - Domestic) $ 50.00
Beer (24 Pack - Import) $ 65.00
Snorkeling Equipment for 6 $ 120.00
Snorkeling Equipment for 4 $ 80.00
Red Wine (2 bottles) $ 60.00
White Wine (2 bottles) $ 60.00
Sparkeling Wine (2 bottles) $ 50.00
Sparkeling Wine (Moet White Star - 1 bottle) $ 100.00
Total Price $