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World's First "P to P" Boat Rental - Great Day Charters Since 2012! Launches World's First "Peer to Peer" Boat Rental Website

5 October 2011 is pleased to announce the launch of the Beta Version of, the world's first Peer to Peer boat rental website. Peer to Peer websites use the power of the internet and social media to create a market where individual buyers can iteract directly with indidual sellers, and there is no better example of a market where this process can provide huge value for all involved. There are literally millions of boats that sit idle each day in marinas, while simultaneously there exists huge unmet demand for people to get out on the water for fishing, water skiing, snorkeling or just enjoying the freedom of a boat ride.

MyDayBoat allows owners and fleet operators of boats to list them free on the site, and has a chat facility so that the owners can interact direcly with the charterer prior to purchase. Owners put their live availiabilty on the site, so when a customer is ready to book, they simply press the buy button and put in their credit card details. This is far easier and more efficient than the traditional method of renting a boat, which can require many calls, emails and a lot of uncertainty.

Tom Virden, Managing Director, said "We have been in the yacht charter business now for 7 years, and have been looking for a way to get more people onto boats for the day, wiht a minimum of hassle. It must to be an easy, online sale, but at the same time customers want to know something about the boat and the owner/capatain before booking. creates a worldwide market for this and we finally have the way to build an efficient market where everyone benefits."

Boats can be rented by the day, half day or by the hour, depending on the owner's desires. The owner sets the price, and can edit all aspects of the boat whenever they wish. If the customer needs to ask a question to the owner, they simply type it in, and the owner can respond to it real time if they are online, or will receive an email if not.

MyDayBoat launched today in "Beta" with several hundred boats for rent worldwide, with many in Florida, the South of France and Spain. Boat types included water ski boats, fishing boats and all type of day motor yachts and sailing yachts. The site is projected to have several thousand boats within a year.

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MyDayBoat can be contacted at email or call us at +44 (0)20 7193 5450.