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General Terms is a community where boat owners and operators work directly with clients to make their boats available for day charters worldwide. In order to be part of the community and listed on the site, you must agree to support the effective functioning of the community detailed in the terms below.

By committing to these terms and conditions, the Yacht Charter Owner/Operator (Owner) enters into an agreement with to market your yacht on and affiliated sites.

Listing Criteria

First and foremost, you must agree to abide by all local, regional, state, country and international laws and regulations related to safety, insurance, and licensing of your boat and charter operation. It is the Owner's responsibility to understand and follow these laws and regulations.

These regulations include but are not limited to the following:

Full Charter Licensing for all of the waters where you promote your boat on
Appropriate Skipper Certification (on Crewed Yachts)
Boat Damage and Liability Insurance

In addition, you commit to:

Keeping your listed boat(s) in excellent repair
A focus on complete customer satisfaction
A willingness to work as a partner with and the member clients

Please note, in order to list your boat, you must be either the owner, fleet operator, or central agent for the yacht. reserves the right to reject any Owner/Operator, or remove any yacht from the site at any time if the yacht is deemed inappropriate for a quality charter experience.

Operator Responsibilities

The Owner commits to strive in all ways possible for customer satisfaction. This includes full repair and cleanliness of the boat, departing on time, attempting wherever possible/reasonable to meet customer requests and needs.

The Owner agrees to list as accurately as possible the boat specifications, pricing, availability and rules for charter by using the Supplier login. The Owner also agrees to use the communications functionality built into the Supplier section to communicate with the clients. The Owner will not attempt to circumvent the MyDayBoat booking process by "going direct" to the client or in other ways avoiding paying a commission to

The Owner agrees to the financial process and commission structure: will secure the sale by pre-authorizing the client's credit card.
The Owner will have 24 hours to approve the sale, at which time the client's card will be debited and the funds held at until the client has boarded the boat.
Upon boarding, the funds will be sent to the supplier, less the commission owed to Commissions are as agreed between the Owner and, normally 15% to 20% of the base charter fee. Items such as catering and additional services are not commissionable.
At the Owner's option, MyDayBoat will also pre-authorize the credit card for the amount of the Security Deposit. This will not be debited unless there is a dispute with the client, in which case it will by held by until the dispute is resolved, and paid to the Owner, if necessary to resolve this dispute.

These transactions may be subject to tax - we suggest you work with your tax advisor to understand the taxation of charter income. We do not provide tax forms or withholding.

Further, the Owner agrees to be aware of weather, sea, or other local conditions that may cause danger to the client, and to do whatever possible to mitigate those conditions, including adjusting the charter dates or itinerary if prudent. Responsibilities agrees to:

Market the yacht on the site in the appropriate categories (ports, manufacturers, types, models, etc.) and make every effort to charter your yacht
Provide access to the supplier-login for editing your boats and viewing reports

For further information

We strongly recommend that you contact your local authorities to fully understand the laws and regulations governing boat ownership and chartering so that you are sure you are aware of the appropriate regulations.